’90210′ Renewed For Season 4!

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May 16, 2011

We just got an email from the CW confirming that 90210 will be renewed for season 4!

Update: Looking for season 3 spoilers? Check the link below!

’90210? Season 4 Guide

The CW Network has given early pickups to five of its established series for next season including 90210, which posts some of TV’s largest percent increases from DVR playback, more than doubling its women 18-34 live ratings once live+7 data is included.

Of course, if and when 90210 returns, it’ll be without showrunner Rebecca Sinclair, who decided not to renew her contract for the season 4.

What are your hopes for 90210 season 4?

  • 90210goss

    not sure if anyone has said this yet but they’ve released lots of stuff on the fourth season, which comes back on sep 13th, but apparently all the regulars are still on except teddy is no longer a regular and is only going to make 5 episodes as a guest star. debbie and mr mathews are cut and only one cast member is at full time uni…naomi?? not sure. annd someone is going to be a drug addict, david silver style…so perhaps liam?? 

  • Naomi110110

    i wish that Teddy is not gay !

    i love himmmmm ! <3

  • Naomi110110

    Liam is my !

    Liam n Naomy 4everrrrrr <3
    ( i hate annie ) :P

  • Simone

    @d0f9d4de6475fb3de7159e10bab57e4f:disqus it’s IMPOSSIBLE that it’s mr Cannon’s baby.  At the end of the third season she was neither 1 month pregnant and the facts with him happened at the end of second season. The baby is totally Max’s.

  • Brooke Finn

    sooo is there a season 4or isnt there!!??

  • Evieangelz

    Annia and Liam definitly should stay together I love them together. Dixon hasnt been with anyone for a while so he sould find someone outside the group. I think that Naomi isn’t really pregnant and is only doing that to get Max to stay. Ade should be out of the group for a while and make friends with goths or something like that. I dont like Navid and Silver together and something big should happen like someone moves to Europe or something. 

  • Tess Love

    okay so i’ve had some time to think, and in my opinion i think naomi lied about being pregnant because (1) max’s parents are pissed about him cheating and being expelled and he tells naomi this and shes heart-broken therefore she said after in the wedding episode ”i’d do anything to get him back , i just dont know what yet” and then boom she tells him shes pregnant, coincidentle. (2) in an interview one of the producers said the show would be skipping some time and so if she was pregnant she would be showing signs of a baby bump .. check out this video of photos of behind the scenes of filming ”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoHQxGred8k” thats all. 

  • Tess Love

    there is :) 

  • Tess Love

    september 13th on the cw :) 

  • Georgina Duff

    actually that was a year ago

  • Mess


  • 90210Fan

    Okay this is what i think is going to happen in 90210 season 4:
    1) Liam and Annie to stay together
    2) I think Naomi isn’t really pregnant and is just saying that to get Max to stay
    3) Silver and Navid to get together
    4)Raj will probably die
    5) Up till now Dixon hasn’t really had a huge story around him so i think that he should get some kind of story of his own

  • Anonymous

    i know hes is gay but i really want silver and teddy again they were sooooo prefect

  • ady-6

    I hope Liam comes back to Annie. This is my only wish.

  • shay

    No thanks. Liam bisexual absolutely no, he has to stay with Annie. Plus we’ve already have a guy with different “tastes” and actually i’ll miss him a lot, even if he’s not one of my fav characters. Naomi is so cute with Max, Liomi is an old thing and it should remain so. Liam loves Annie and by now all of us know that. I don’t like Ivy and Dixon together, and anyway if raj dies soon she shouldn’t get another boyfriend, at least not for now. I agree only with the fact that so many storylines are possible, but not crap of course!

  • Denisha Naidoo

    i hope liam and annie stay together they are a cute couple

  • Bontush

    i hate to see silver and Navid together ….. dixon deserve silver.

  • Wdwddwdwd

    Here’s what I think. Naomi was pregnant, she wasn’t lying to get Max to stay because it seemed serious. I also think she would have lost her baby during the summer because Naomi is portrayed to be this rich kind of girl with no baggage, no family, just her and friends. If Naomi got a baby it would completely spoil it. I agree with the people who say Dixon should get his own storyline because Annie and Dixon were meant to be the two main characters, it was supposed to be based around the Wilson family and Dixon hasn’t really had any big storylines of his own, the biggest one was probably his mum coming back.

    Also I don’t like Liam and Annie, I think Annie and Charlie were great together. I don’t think Liam is the kind of person who should have girlfriends, in my opinion they should introduce some of his family and shouldn’t have taken Charlie out.

  • lannie

    make taylor lautner guest star

  • Unknown77

    dixon and silver back together ! ! !

  • Unknown77

    dixon and silver back together ! ! !

  • Rose_d_hiver

    liam and annie are the most perfect cpl like liannie 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GYDD5A6GA4POCDRFO6FHS6P7Q4 Omnia

    i want naved and adriana back together

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GYDD5A6GA4POCDRFO6FHS6P7Q4 Omnia

    look i want annie and laime  togrther and naiomy and max be together and i want naved and adriana be together dixon and silver together

  • eddy

    i ll be glad if dixon nd silver get back together

  • guest14

    i wish liam and annie don’t breakup, they are so cute together!

  • Tinkerbell_8181

    liam and naomi <3

    if you love them too, follow my tumblrhttp://liomi.tumblr.com/

  • saarah

    I really love liam and annie they are soo adorable xxx

  • Veriito0


  • Tyler Jaty James0

    fuck you u kunt

  • gfudhf

    i want ethan back!

  • Triple_brutal

    Oh i hope , i realy hope Liam to go back to Anie !! They r just so so cute ! 

  • LannieFan

    Silver & Dixon to get back together. Ethan back for a Silver/Ethan/Dixon triangle if that’s possible, which would be waay more interesting than a Silver/Navid/Ade triangle. Ade & Navid back together. She loves him & they belong together. How is the show just going to forget the fact that Navid was in love with Ade since middle school. Lot’s of EPIC Lannie stuff. & Naomi & Max… but they’ve gotten a bit lovey dovey predictable so a new man for Naomi for awhile could be good. Mainly Ethan back!

  • Nourah

    i hope it’s start soon cuz im soooo Excited !!!

  • nono

    Liam and annie get married

  • Makenna

    I hope for Navid/Silver and Annie/Liam future together. They are very cute together. I also would love if Adrianna would be out of line. In first season she was like my fav char, but after all the popularity stuff and things she did to Silver, I hate her.

  • Love_shouts_louder_than_hate

    Tbh, I like Silver and Navid, Annie and Liam, Niomi and Max (espcially the part when she’s preganat because she wanted Adrianna to have an abortion is season 1) Dixon single and Adrianna too, but they should get together and I Liam is going to ask Annie to marry him so I don’t think Niomi will try to get him back, she would never do that to Annie and she’s in love with Max and having HIS baby not Mr Cannon’s because it was at the end of season 2 when the rape happened and it was 6 months ago and she would have been big with a bump. So sheesh people get your brians back because that doesn’t make sense!!!!! PFFFT… Just sayin’ :)

  • marsh

    max needs to be with naomi!

  • French Kiss

    no silver and navid .. disgusting! maybe navid and adrianna.

  • Teedebeer

    Naomi is not pregnant, she was finding ways to keep max from going to michigan….so shes prob lying just to keep max with her!!!

  • Teedebeer

    Naomi is NOT pregant!!! she was trying to find out ways to keep max from going to Michigan, so she told him shes pregnany to keep him with her….. but she actually is just lying!!

  • babaa

    i hope silver n dixo get back together or dixon n naomi be a couple in this season. dixon n naomi in love. please…

  • babaa

    i love silver and i like navid, but i hate to see silver n navid together. it’s very suck. i love silver n dixon so much.

  • Anonymous

    silver n dixon must together !

  • Danni

    i dont want Raj to not die cz him and Ivy are great together! and I want Max to come back to Naomi cz he makes her happy! and Liam and Annie to get back together!!

  • cha

    naomi and the geek should stay together so cute! annie and liam should stay together there just ment to be

  • 90210 fan!!

    i agree with you, annie and dixon were meant to be the main characters and yet they havent give any main parts to dixon, so now i think its good that they are making his part more interesting with his drug addiction. it makes him more apart of the show, i also like him and adrianna! i hope they end up together.!!! an i have to say you are totally crazy and stupid to not want annie and liam together!! LANNIE FOREVER!!! they are my favorite couple and the reason i got so addicted to the show. i hope that they get back together in saeson four or the next season! maybe annie and liam will hook up and annie gets pregnant, then once she tells liam he will be there for her and the romance will continue to spark, and they can be together forever!!! that would be amazing. so that could be a possibility!! oh and i also like naomi and austin-so cute!!



  • Isabelcrespofiguera

    liam and annie look so cute together

  • 90210fan

    liam-adriann, navid-annie , dixon-silver they’ll be so cute togheter

  • Ally10

    i love 90210 soooooooo much wish i could watch it everyday.
    but people that are hating on annie are such IDIOTS…. if she really couldnt act like you say then i doubt she’d even be in the show, so stop going on about shit an just enjoy tha damn show

  • Ally10

    dixson – soooo hot his totally cool love that his so laid back his character is awesome and him an silver were a really good couple.

    silver – she is super cool,every girl should love her charcter shes a good an bad girl in one,shes a great actor and shes so smart and extremly beautiful loving kind an caring.

    naomi – she is the perfect b*tch in the show her character totally suits her shes got everything going for her an i wouldnt change anything bout her character.

    navid – awwwwwwwwwwwww his soooooo adorable man like a lil baby his like tha perfect bf man the one where laying in his arms is the best thing that could ever happen. i love the way he gets angry too tho it brings more sexy out of him.

    annie – okay shes sweet an kind bit too dramatic at times but shes cool she could do with more uuumffff she deserves more tho. needs more of a better storyline atleast.

    ade – she is just too much man ay nah that chick seriously needs to get out of the lime light now. maybe a better story line would work i dont know but the way she is now is just way too much like seriously.

    liam – his cute yeah but he needs to kin dfind out what he actually wants to be his like angry an sweet at the same time an it looks so stupid man. its like he feels opressed for some reason. but none the less his a good actor.

    teddy – now thats a guy i truely liked hay. he was a tennis player an i love tennis and it just suited him to be a tennis player man. i cant believe that they made him gay tho thats so disgusting an such a stupid thing to change tha storyline for him liek that. i wish he had became the tennis player but ya anyway.

  • Alymaus

    Annie and Liam forever. I hope they will be together at the end of season 4. And it would be cool if ANnie is pregnant from Liam. I mean, they slept togehter in 4×12. That would be cool! Because they are the best couple in 90210!!

  • vertika

    i too love naomi and liam :( i wish in season 5 they’ll be together lol :p

  • kim

    liam and annie has so much history together…i like annie…

  • Lilypad3579

    Ethan should come back!!