90210 Season 3 Episode 6 “How Much is that Liam in the Window?” Promo Photos!

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October 12, 2010

How great was tonight’s episode of 90210? The bad news is that the next new 90210 episode is in two weeks but until then, we hope these 90210 promo photos will tide you over until then!

Source: 90210-media

  • Brok3n Hearted

    I dont like the way they dress Annie.

  • kitty

    annie reminds me of a young marisa tomei, same looks and manerisms

  • Jo

    omg pic no14 is soooo funnyyyyy hahaha

  • .:90210fan:.

    This ep. looks really good:) and I love that Liam is working at that store… I sense some comedy coming our way:D

    I hate that Annie is with Charlie… I don’t think they make a good couple. At all. But idk why everyone is complaining about Annie’s outfits. I love her outfits and her dress in this ep. is soo cute:)

  • Mahrocks

    i completely agree, i am getting so pissed off that they’re showing annie would continue on in a relationship with charlie. She barely knows him so why is she dating him, esp. after knowing he has been sketchy in the past i.e blaming liam for his own theft.

  • A.

    Be patient.. They’ll patch things up between Annie and Liam soon; at least, I hope cause they’re the only reason I watch this show. It’s definitely a better pairing than Naomi and Liam (Naomi was well matched with that college hunk she briefly dated as a rebound from Liam)

    I also find her dress absolutely superb but some people might not; we’re all entitled to our opinions.

  • PB xxx

    i understand what ur sayin about what annie is wearing i love the dress but i dont like the hair and when are we goin to find out what happend with liam and charlie at the lake house when they were younger we know charlie blamed laim for stealing the credit car but theres must be more laims says to charlie “you only told annie about the credit cards” i wonder what happend
    i love annie and liam they talk to each other when liam was with naomi they never talk.
    and were jasper got to i no liam dident kill him but that big ending in season three and they havent given us enything

    lov lannie xxx

  • PB XXX

    and were jasper got to i no liam dident kill him but that big ending in season TWO and they havent given us enything