90210 Season 3 Episode 12 Promo Trailer

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December 7, 2010

Here’s the first promo trailer for 90210 season 3 episode 12. Episode title is unknown. 90210 returns on Monday January 24th, 2011.

  • jngjang

    navid and silver are enagging in infedeltiy. Even though Adrianna has become completely and utterly self-absorbed, no one deserves that. If they wanna b together, he needs to break things of with Ade. I want Dixon and Silver tho ya’ll. AND Y IS MR CANNNON BACK LIK WTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and y is annie cheating on sex-a-licious charlie…. argggggg….there’s too much cheating going on. 90210 has really lost its pizaz! theres too much petty dramas goin on instead of 1 major drama. its too childish this season!!! ahh bring back the old 90210 with stable couples and non cheaters plz:)

  • jngjang

    navid and silver are enagging in infedeltiy. Even though Adrianna has become completely and utterly self-absorbed, no one deserves that. If they wanna b together, he needs to break things of with Ade. I want Dixon and Silver tho ya’ll. AND Y IS MR CANNNON BACK LIK WTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and y is annie cheating on sex-a-licious charlie…. argggggg….there’s too much cheating going on. 90210 has really lost its pizaz! theres too much petty dramas goin on instead of 1 major drama. its too childish this season!!! ahh bring back the old 90210 with stable couples and non cheaters plz:)

  • Charles

    It really frustrates me what the writers have done with Navid. Up until now, he’s always been the most consistently likeable character. Now, he’s a lying, cheating douchebag. From what I’ve heard, he will break up with Adrianna…after he has sex with Silver.

    And what about Annie? How is it that practically nobody’s disgusted by the fact that she cheated on Charlie, who’s been nothing but a great and honest boyfriend to her.

  • DeanAllford

    well i like the Annie-Liam thing there ment to be :D but Navid and silver should really know better i mean Ade is my absloute favorite (even wif the diva life going on) and deserves better definitely after what happened to her the last time her and Navid split :’( OMG mr Cannon really y?!? Naomi is just getting back to her normal self again!!!! i hope this time he gets whats coming x


    i no some people think that its bad that annie cheated on charlie but i realy love
    annie and liam together.

  • .:90210fan:.

    I think its terrible that Annie cheated on Charlie BUT…. I LOVE Annie and Liam together and I was literally fastforwarding through the whole show just so I could figure out what was gonna happen with them:) But now 90210 producers are gonna ruin it by bringing in Annie’s cousin and having her break them up… :P Can’t Liam and Annie just have a stable relationship for a change!?

    Honestly, everybody on the show is annoying me to the point where I just fastforward through the whole show. The only people who aren’t annoying me are Annie, Liam, Dixon, Teddy, and Naomi. I think 90210 is showing waaaay too much of Navid and Silver… and I am tired of Navid and Ade breaking up just so they can get back together in a month. :P

    Hopefully the new year will bring some better episodes and stable couples (Liam and Annie!) :)

  • .:90210fan:.

    I think its terrible that Annie cheated on Charlie BUT…. I LOVE Annie and Liam together and I was literally fastforwarding through the whole show just so I could figure out what was gonna happen with them:) But now 90210 producers are gonna ruin it by bringing in Annie’s cousin and having her break them up… :P Can’t Liam and Annie just have a stable relationship for a change!?

    Honestly, everybody on the show is annoying me to the point where I just fastforward through the whole show. The only people who aren’t annoying me are Annie, Liam, Dixon, Teddy, and Naomi. I think 90210 is showing waaaay too much of Navid and Silver… and I am tired of Navid and Ade breaking up just so they can get back together in a month. :P

    Hopefully the new year will bring some better episodes and stable couples (Liam and Annie!) :)


    this promo is so stupid they leave the big cliff hanger like with Mr cannon being back, liam tellin annie that he loves her and dixion seein teddy kissin ian
    and all we see is naomi walkin throw school and sayin hello to people and ivy and liam on the beach.
    if they give us big cliff hangers we want to see it in the promos


  • let up in the cheating thing

    look, cheating sucks. but annie and navid aren’t doing it to be malicious, they’re doing it because they have strong feelings and they’re confused and don’t know what to do with them. they shouldn’t cheat, sure, but people have made worse mistakes, and it’s not the end of the world.

    i think it’s good that they show this part of relationships as well, because especially when you’re young, it’s hard to do the right thing and know how to sort out your feelings and emotions.

    just because someone cheats on someone else, it doesn’t mean they’re a bad person. it just means they’re confused and they made a mistake. we all make mistakes.

  • Brandilaw

    i agree completely, i think it is extremely humerous how the writers of 90210 are trying to make silly drama between every couple when in reality annie and liam were done a long time ago. it was stupid how he randomly said i love you too her and it was stupid that she ALL OF A SUDDEN felt unbelieveably worried for him.. wasnt she like, gunna sleep with charlie 2 episodes ago anyways? it was way to forced.. i dont like this combo at all!

  • brndilw

    plus liam treated her like a bitch.. by pushing her away – to charlie.. get it right next time writers, cuz you are boring me.

  • Sammmm

    I LOVED every bit of Teddy in last night’s episode. I absolutely adore Teddy and Ian. And I love that Teddy finally admits he is gay. But it breaks my heart to know they won’t be together and happy for very long. With Dixon finding out Teddy likes boys, and it won’t be very long until Teddy’s out to everyone. I don’t want a new guy for Teddy, I think Ian is adorable and perfect for Teddy. I love that Ian is different from Teddy, but yet they work, they fit, and have chemistry. The thing I won’t like about the new guy, he’s similar to Teddy, an all star athlete, which I don’t like that it’s bringing back Teddy’s tennis story back. But either way, more Teddy is going to be awesome. I just wish I didn’t have to wait until Jan. 24th for a new episode.

  • twanz

    i agree wit u how can he be “in love wit her for a very long time” as he said liam is such a fuckin douche.. to say he was wit naomi and told her he loved her.. and i see dixon knows about the rape so he would too why hasnt he been there to share a helping hand even tho they are not together.. he dumped naomi for not being there for him for “weeks” and annie who didnt not tlk or return his calls in 3 “months”?? he is in love wit??? she killed sumone he was there for her.. but naomi gets rape n he doesnt even tlk to her? even wen dixon an silver were over he came to her mom funeral and hugged her..and y is annie cheating on charlie?? wen she said ivy cheated on dixon?? hmm nd charlie had been dating her a while nd hasnt pressured her for sex.. nd she does this?? i dnt care how hot liam is.. how hot a guy is shudnt decide if a couple shud go on or not.. i c all the girls are friends but i cant help but wonder what the relationship will b like once naomi finds out of silver’s sleepin aroun behind ade’s bck.. it might be naomi and ade again an silver and annie like in season 1.. ivy will b on naomi’s side of course lol let the war begin.. and silver acts like she has the most morals.. she is now gonna be wit more guys than naomi an annie she is movin into skankville fast ade alot of men.. silver 3 annie 2 naomi 2 nd i thought naomi was suppose to be the slutty one.. nd if anyone wants to ask if ade had had alot of men yes.. she didnt nuh the babys dad.. n she said she use to sleep wit alot of guys to navid in 2×01 jus incase u guys wanna start sumn

  • karma

    YES but she said that when she knew he was in danger and in the hospital she felt that she couldnt breathe and that she was going to lose a big part of her if she loses him and i think that it made her realize that she still loves him, after all u never appreciate something until its gone. i also think that they were never over she just thought that liam is not good for her that he is too dangerous for her especialy after what she went through when she hit that dude with her car. charlie was just a fling i mean she just liked him but she LOVES liam. and people these things always happen in real life u have ur mind telling u whats best for u and then u have ur heart telling u to follow it. its very contreversal because u judge pretty fast and we all know that is life and how it works. everything is pretty complicated and OUR lives have issues too.

  • karma

    seriously these things happen people Liam is caught with his own shit being homeless and all that and i dont think that he knew about the rape. and people changed so what naomi became a better person ofcorse she did she got raped for god’s sake. and i think that annie is just growing up and changing and thats what suppose to happen. where u the same 3 years ago? will u be the same. things happen in life change who we are. i think its very realistic and it shows how people have confused lives even rich people. and that nothing stays the same. and Navid should have broken up with Ade long ago she became this self absobed monster and she deserves whats happenening to her. shes always had problems with her personality i think shes tottaly twisted and navid is this tottaly good person at heart and so what he cheated on her she kindof deserves it for the way shes treating him. he deserves better. and annie and liam if u remember did not break up from the problems they broke up by choice and he was pushing her away because he was trying to make her jealous because he was jealous that she was dating his brother. which makes total sense. i think that naomi and oscar are so cute bt we just have to wait and see what will happen to her. YOU ALL JUST WANT PERFECTLY SYNCHRONIZED DRAMAS THAT ARE FAKE but this drama and whats happening in 90210 is REAL and thats what makes it different from gossip girl.

  • twanz

    first of all i know ppl change.. but there is always sum remnants which remain.. and NOONE deserves to be cheated on no matter how they act in the relationship they shud be dumped.. not cheated on wit ur friend!!! maybe if it was a stranger ok.. but a friend?! that will make you insecure and that person can no longer be your friend..silver cud hav tlked to her i know she might not have listened but tlkin is better.. and i know he has been homeless an blah blah BUT! HE WAS homeless those 3 months n was squatting on a boat.. nd the stuff he has goin on has nuttin to do wit naomi nd lending a helpin hand or sayin ” im sorry about wat happened” did that take alot of time??? no! nd im sure he knows if not my bad.. but if he does! not good… and you dont know what i want!!! i like the show it has loop holes.. i like the drama so i cud criticize it like in real life bcuz i criticize doesnt mean i dnt liek it

  • A.

    I’m a Lannie fan: I think they have good chemistry and these 2 characters are well-suited. Both didn’t grow up in Beverly Hills, they’re not real “rich kids” and Annie’s empathy could bring a lot to Liam. All the characters are maturing, except Ade and Dixon. It’s refreshing. A lot of people dislike Annie, it’s their right. However, if you don’t like a character, why do you care about their love life? Just fastforward through it! And it’s just a show ie a fiction so stop reacting as if someone’s stolen your bike ou your Iphone.

  • Serge

    It’s all so true, I mean SILVER is the most bitch of all She’s been with DIXON, ETHAN (who was annie and naomi’s ex), TEDDY (adrianna’s ex) and NAVID (adrianna’s boyfriend!!!!), and she kissed DIXON when he was with IVY at least DIXON told IVY, but she didn’t told TEDDY LOL, besides she crtiziced ADRIANNA for being unfaithful to NAVID last season and look -.-.

  • Serge


  • Charles

    You’re probably right. Navid will dump Adrianna, then start dating Silver. After spending weeks crying in bed, Adrianna will try to move on from Navid with “X”. Navid will get jealous, and the arguing between him and Silver will begin. They’ll keep arguing until they break up. Navid will then confess to Adrianna that he still loves her, and she’ll be psyched. She’ll take about a microsecond to dump “X” and start dating Navid again.

    Next season, the cycle will repeat itself. This time around, instead of Silver, the third party involved will likely be Annie, Ivy, Naomi, Liam, or Dixon.

  • Smiley

    if there wasn’t a bit of drama in the show then it would be pretty boring!, if you don’t like it, why watch it?

  • Isa

    I agree with Smiley, 90210 is becaming the best drama show ever. love it



  • Bubble_17

    i think liam and naomi shuld get bac 2 getther and annie needs 2 find sum1 else and i love da new adrianna!!!!!


    im an lannie fan and i no some people think it bad that annie cheated on charlie but it was so romantic when liam said he loves her i think they are so good for each other because annie brings the good out of liam and liam bring the bad out of annie but the good bad if you no what i mean but i can see if some people dont like them together but if you dont like it just skip the parts there together xXx

  • Greenyellow85

    I agree with Sammmm! Teddy and Ian are truly the most exciting thing happening on 90210 right now, although the entire show has been gold lately. The show has gotten us to root for them and I would hate for them to mess that up so soon into the storyline. I think the reason I am soo in love with this storyline is because of Ian. If they bring in another athlete for Teddy I think it will become old very fast and I may stop watching! lol

  • Iwannaki_m

    naomi is evovling to a goddess
    annie is the new invisible woman
    navid and silver are ment to be
    ad is gorgeous but lame
    liam is too cute for annie
    dixon and ivy are both nice, together or not
    teddy is gay completely out of the blue.

    i cant wait to watch the 12th<3333

  • Cheyenne

    I disagree sorry :P with the whole childish thing. but i do think that its unfair for andrianna :S and yes, cannon should just rot in jail already!

  • anonymous

    I agree about Annie but if i were Navid i would have broken up with Adrianna ages ago because she has changed into a self loving idiot and to be honest i can’t stand her!!

  • Huilingurl

    i love liam and annie too..I hope they will be 2gether this time =P

  • anonoymous

    the only interesting thing about this show is teddy and ian – actually, just ian. if they cut him out i think i’m gonna stop watching T.T

  • Danielle4nahcos

    i do feel bad for adrianna but she turned into a complete bitch and she dident deserve navid!

  • fan

    best season so far! and episode 11 rocks!
    Love what happened to Ade! I like her, but she defo deserves it!
    oh and I really hope Mr f***ing Cannon doesn’t hurt Naomi anymore… The rest are good. yep.

  • Bam

    i love Navid and Silver together

  • Tiwan67

    quite frankly i see nothin to love about silver and navid except they have chemistry and they hav good listening skills.. and are both down to earth.. but doesnt mean they will be together.. first off!! silver is ex with dixon and teddy both of Navids friends lol i know in reallife ppl bash girls for being groupies and since this show is suppose to be relatable i want all the ppl who know they dnt liek that to be honest wit themselves.. and all the grls who see the chem yes i know u see i see it too!! but think about one of your BEST FRIENDS dealin wit ur EX BOYFRIEND bcuz we are acting as if we can relate here ppl! non the less.. and think about it not being an ex but!!!! a CURRENT LOVER lol that is disgusting lol.. time has to past for it to be atleast ATLEAST a lil ok.. depends on who u are and what that boi has done for u!!! and we all know NAVID does everything for ADE so u can see how dat will affect her!!! silver also kissed ethan i know that is not sex!! but non the less they are all friends and we are in the 3rd season lol think ppl think…so what about the 4th season!!! will it be liam???? lol just bare in mind and be open to my argument plz.. think about it logically plz! thas all i want you to do.. as for annie and liam i have notin to say!.. i dont ship them but noone seems hurt by this.. but all i am sayin everyone naomi LOVES and you fans see him talk to annie u guys automatically think she and that guy should be together lol never wit his current gf being naomi at the time for some reason this show is based on friendship and i dnt liek it doesnt work out liek that!.. how can me and bf hav probs and he tells MY BEST FREIND or FRIEND and instead she comes to me and says _________ told me u and him are having sum probs and he not feeling it anymore so i shud put effort but instead of sayin this she hugs him calls him consoles him goes at his house late at night and all the other dumb fuck annie and liam did.. he calls me to tlk i cnt be bothered and not 5 secs after he is callin my friend and she come??? wtf!??? in what book or lifetime does that happen ppl???!! wake up smell the coffee!

    Comment back and tell me how u feel about my discussion plz if ur not goin to be open minded dnt bash me or insult me .. just think and tell me if it is logical and what i have said make sense

  • Im A Star Babes :)

    Im From The UK & I Think That 90210 Is The Best Show In The World
    And I Love What They Have Done With All The Characters They Have Made It Interesting In The UK We Dont Get Shows Like This So Be Happy That You Have Got An Amazing Show
    That People In The World Can Relate Too
    Itz Not Fake Its Actual Things That Can Happen
    Also Itz A Good Thing That They Have Changed Up The Characters The Olny Character I Dont Like Becah They Have Turned Into A Bitch And That Would Be Ade I Dont Like Her No More
    They Have Just Made Noami Be Bak Orn Her Feet Again But Then They Have To Make Mr Cannon Come Back
    The Wriiters Have Twisted Everything Up Which Has Made It More Interesting To Watch The Writers Have To Be This Creative Otherwise There Would Be No Show
    If There Is No Show In USA That Means There Is No Show In The UK And We Wont Be Happy With That.

  • Serge

    Yeah you are right. I don’t like that relationship either, both silver and navid are idiots, besides Silver is the worst friend ever, when the party thing happened she turned her back on Annie, she choose Naomi over her, after all her problems with her mother, she prefered to have Naomi than Annie, and when annie appeared at school to talk to the 3 girls all of them were rude and when the image appear, she acted like she was annie’s friend -.- and when naomi appeared she would ignore annie pffff. I haven’t seen Silver with a guy that is not from that circle either :L

  • NB

    what the fuck, do we really need to wait a MONTH to watch E.12 ??????????

  • Hannahh

    why, do we have to wait nearly 2 months to watch episode 12! Urgh, D:

  • Candid26grace

    I don’t want Navid-Silver thing! gosh. Him and Adrianna has been the only consistent couple in the story! Please don’t ruin them! ugh

  • Jojo230

    what is this about Liam not caring Naomi got raped? When he found out he was well angry and shocked…. didnt he get excluded from school or something because of it when he had mr cannon against the wall at school? Why is it so shocking that he has told annie he loves her? i think its been obiovus for ages how much he cares for her, its not some sudden thing -the way he looks at her, talks to her and is jealous of charlie sort of shows he has cared about her for ages! I dont think annie has suddenly realised she likes him either… i think she has been just trying to deny it for ages because of everything which has happened between her and naomi. Besides.. people change, people grow up and as for annie cheating on charlie… yes i agree thats bad of her and its wrong and she didnt like the way ivy did it to dixon and i totally think she should call it off with charlie before she got into this because now she is going to be in mess but i like her and liam together :) and i know what ivy did was also wrong to dixon but if you remember they wernt actually going out at the time they were technically on a break in her defence i know that doesnt make it right but im just making a point! lol on another note… :O what is mr cannon doing back!!?? poor naomi!!!

  • Ordinariolhea

    liam and annie are totally perfect for each other :) just dump chalie

  • Hannah3

    I’m from the uk as well :-) and i actually love mr cannons character, though why are all the brits on 90210 evil?! lol
    Hope cannon isnt back for just one ep tho…

  • Jr_hotboy17

    u r a stupid fuck. the series is way better with more than one drama. One main drama is stupid andd THAT is childish, its like a cartoon series or Nick or sumpt. I love 902110… damn hot

  • Jr_hotboy17

    i agree. Ade has turned into a fuck face bitch and navid needs someone like Silver. i don’t like that he is cheating but i don’t blame him

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000126452382 Krylios Clarke

    Shut the hell up SIlver is so not the biggest bitch. If one were to look at it, nt even Naomi would be the bitchiest. Adreanna Tate-Duncan is the bitchiest slutfaced cunt in the show. From a thieving coke-whore and pregnant abortionist in season 1 to a confused ‘part lesbian’ in season 2 to a theiving-dead man-song stealer and complete self absorbed bitch in season 3.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000126452382 Krylios Clarke

    I sincerely believe that Cannon shud die out of the show

  • Danielle

    i disagree with a few points. I think that charlie is kind of gross to be honest. Annie and Liam have been waiting to happen since season 1, and its time that it happens. They really are cute together, especially at the end of season 2. It is so sweet that helps her out with the Jasper thing, and she helps him out with the coins. However, I think they are really taking her out of character. She isn’t the type of person to cheat.

    As for Silver and Dixon, I think that relationship was a bit childish as well. I like her Navid. But again making them have this “secret relationship” behind Ade’s back is so unlike them.

    The writers are basically changing the morals of all the characters, especially the ones who value fidelity. All the characters are starting to turn into these one dimensional, backstabbing, cruel monsters. Ade has become MEGA bitch, Navid, Liam, Silver and Annie are now cheaters. Dixon might take the Teddy news horribly and become a homaphob, and he lied to Ivy (but Dixon always had this idiot boy trait to him). Naomi is pretty much the same minus the whole Liam attraction, Ivy I actually like (and her friendship with Naomi) because she is still somewhat normal.

    Season 1 was great, the original writers of Beverly Hills 90210 actually did the show some justice. Season 2 was great, i thought the new writers were doing a good job. Then season 3, where we don’t even have the hit and run resolved (that was the first episode). So far I am really unhappy with what is happening. I kind of started ranting… sorry.

  • Haley

    No offense. But you really have to learn how to type in actual English. That was really hard for me to understand. And to respond, maybe he did speak to Naomi, maybe he did not know about the rape NO ONE KNEW ABOUT THE RAPE until she got back from her “vacation” at the motel. She did not talk to anyone remember. He did apologize to her, and asked “were cool?” Im sure he found out about Cannon when Cannon ran for it, and he probably talked to her. Im sure everyone talked to her. They did not show Dixon, or Teddy, or Navid coming up and saying “im sorry for what happened to you Naomi.” Did they? No they didn’t.

    I can tell just by the fact that you are writing in “chatspeak” that you don’t understand how to write a real fiction. So here is a tip: just because it isn’t written in the script does not mean that it didn’t have in the story. It is called an ‘implied storyline.’ That is evident.

    I agree with the cheating part. Yes i feel silver is being a crappy friend by doing stuff with Navidbehind Ade’s back. And a agree that Annie is really being taken out of character by cheating on Charlie, however i still think that Annie and Liam have been waiting to happen since Season 1 and I’m fucking happy as ever that it is finally happening.

    My only point is, Liam and Naomi are dead, and have matured and moved on from each other. Part of moving on and maturing is not holding grudges and forgiving; just because you forgive someone, doesn’t mean you stay best friend’s with them. They have obviously moved on, and it is to a place where they are better of as acquaintances and not friends. Thus Liam can focus on his own shit (being homeless), and Naomi can focus on her own(getting over the Cannon issue), without depending on each other for comfort. Plus Naomi has always been a girl’s girl anyway, so she leans on them and not men, who she probably doesn’t want to be too close with because she was RAPED. Last thing she wants is another dick coming near her.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1728061489 Aniruddh Rãø

    Hahahaa Teddy is Gay

  • tAimur

    ahhhh 90210 is completely losing its charm :/
    but still im justttt waiting and continuing to watch it hoping to find the old fun back again

  • rshymskjs

    I swear…
    I liked Silver in first season but nw i dnt lyk her, shes cheating too much.
    I dnt blame her about Ethan and Teddy but with Dixon and Navid it makes her bitch…

  • rshymskjs

    Shut the fuck up…
    He didnt say it randomly, he loved Annie and thats why he was trying to make Annie jalouse… I really dont care the fact that Annie is cheating on Charlie even though hes very nice person becoz Annie and Liam hv been waiting too long and they’re the cuttest couple in the series.

  • 90210 fan

    i think charlie is cute and everything and sweet but he and annie dont go together. and he doesnt deserv to get cheated on. However i love liam and annie together. i have been waiting fot this for ages. i am a lannie fan <3 liam is soo peng..
    im so annoyed at the promo….nothing about liam and annie and also nothing about the teddt storyline. the promo was so shit. anyway feel sorry for charlie however i love liam and annie together :)
    one of my favourite shows along with gossip girl etc…

  • Meh.

    I Dont really like Annie That Much i think that she is a ‘sweetheart” in everyone’s eyes but in my opinion she can really be a fake friend and a backstabing bitch , in season one she totaly stole ethan from Naomi , I know naomi is a bitch everynow and then to her but she shouldnt become like her i guess , and she kind off stole liam’s heart , she killed a person and she didnt tell anyone about it (just after a long time) i mean what kind of person does that? , And plus she always has a diferent guy i mean if one doesnt want her she a lil later finds another, she totaly played with Charlies Heart i mean she saw that liam just didnt want to even talk to her and she saw in Charlie an oppurtunitie to not be alone and thats just not right , so i dont know how this Annie- Liam Story will end like but lets see .
    And About Silver and Navid , i think that they are not bad persons at all they are just doing it the wrong way , They are afraid of Hurting Adrianna’s Feelings so i do understand them but sooner or later i think they will tell anyways.

  • http://twitter.com/iforkmyself Laras Wulandari

    I think there’s toooo much drama going on around. but, too much drama won’t hurt, right? in fact, that’s what make 90210 great and I want more of 90210!

  • http://twitter.com/iforkmyself Laras Wulandari

    man!! I love how teddy is gay! hahaha he’s hot and Ian is hot!! like a great couple lol

  • twanz

    no offense? offense is taken and i can type in english for your information ppl do make typo errors and i dont want your fuckin tips haley so take them and shove em.. and by the way no offense!

  • Enahh;

    ethan should come back to stir things up with silver soo she can back away from navid .. cant believe shes cheating ):

  • Enahh;

    naomi and liam makes a great couple :) i hope that after he realised she got raped that theyll get back together again, while annie is back with charlie – im think that she’ll let go of charlie . ETHAN COME BACK! then like whats the point of the text message in season2 ? silver should turn to him not navid .. hes adriannas’ but even though shes changing; she shouldnt deserve any of this .

  • Charlotte

    I completely agree with Haley. Twanz you really need to consider typing in correct english and stop abbreviating words. The constant spelling mistakes and lack of grammar make it incredibly difficult for people to read. Also, there is really no need to swear and use bad language – it’s just unecessary and plain rude. But hey, that’s just my opinion.

  • scooby

    I Dont Agree On Somethings.
    -Adrianna has the right to act like that
    after all she has gone through that past
    seasons so much drama for her she
    needs to think about herself for a while
    plus Naomi acts mean sometimes and she’s
    not even famous or a singer and when she
    findouts what Navid and Silver are doing to
    her she has all the right to do that to Silver
    like Naomi did to Annie and Ethan in season
    -Dixon better not stop talking to Teddy
    just becuase he kissed Ian, cause he didnt
    have a problem when Ian taught them how
    to dance and when Ade went out with Gia
    in season 2 plus he didnt have a problem
    when Christina told him that she was
    lesbian and didnt like him and just wanted
    to be friends and introduce him to more
    black floks in season 1. He better get back
    togethier with Ivy.

    -Naomi, im glad she doesnt want to get
    with oscar cause she doesnt want to loose
    her friendship with Ivy but i want her to
    date oscar there perfect lol and i wonder
    whats going to happen with rape stroy line
    it was intersting how Mr.Cannon was in
    her hotel room in the last scene.

    -Naivd what are you doing this isnt you.
    I know love makes you do crazy things
    but atleast break up with Ade before
    you go and date Silver. Im not a big
    fan of you cause your boring but your

    -Ivy its good that your talking to
    your mom but get back togethier
    with Dixon and i love your friendship
    with Naomi.

    -Teddy its perfect that your with Ian.
    Although its sucks that you couldnt
    keep your secert that long, they
    better accept you lol and damn your going
    to get with your old room mate and then
    a new guy lol your going to have fun.

  • !!!!!

    i want naomi and liam back togther. i fucking hate Annie she’s a whore i dont like her at all! i dont hate that she’s togather with liam. he “loved her for a long time” ? what ?. . . annie is cheating on charline not okej he is a nice boy.! naomi and laim fit together! liam broke up with naomi because she wasn’t there for him. Annie didnt answer he’s calls in 3 months and she killde a person! and still i “loves” her and he halpped her! naomi got reped and hi did nor care!

  • !!!!

    sorry * i hate her for being together with liam*

  • Daniellee(:

    Oh my god I totally agree! Everyone’s saying that Ade’s such a bitch but she was given a lot of fame in a small amount of time and it just got to her head! And Navid and her are way too perfect to break up, or were before Silver came in and ruined everything. I hope they find a way to get past this… maybe Silver could move to Africa. I don’t think I’d mind that…

  • hellsangel

    Well you have obviously never been raped then…thats a pretty big storyline to cover- nothing petty about it and I dont see how its childish either.
    Perhaps you are the childish one.