90210 Season 2 Episode 22: Casting calls and TONS of spoilers!!

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January 27, 2010

Finally some spoilers for 90210! These are incredibly AWESOME spoilers too.. tons of info how our 90210 cast will be doing during this episode plus some casting calls as well! Check it out and see for yourselves!

  • Casting calls for:
    • Cute senior guy — who Naomi tries to flirt with
    • Dr. Boyd — Jen’s doctor
    • Receptionist — who Naomi tries to argue with about getting her parking ticket validated
    • Punk kid — who makes a comment about Liam rejecting Naomi on live-feed video
    • Shuttle bus driver — tells Ryan that the shuttle won’t be leaving for 15 minutes
    • Female passerby — calls 911 when she sees Liam and Jasper fighting and Liam’s boat up in flames
    • Mr. Zwicky — Dixon’s and Ivy’s physics teacher

Now here are all the spoilers about the regular 90210 cast!!!

  • Silver and Teddy were having a fight about whether or not he could handle playing tennis and having a girlfriend but they make up at the dance
  • Adrianna and Navid are back together! (After she broke up with Javier)
  • Jen is pregnant!
  • … and Ryan’s the babydaddy!… who doesn’t take it quite so well. He gets drunk at a school dance where Ivy’s mom, Laurel, tells him to sleep it off.
  • Naomi is having money problems
  • Annie and Liam are forming quite the friendship
    • Liam stole “Liberty head” coins from his stepfather
  • Annie confesses something to her parents, who were in the midst of talking about something serious
  • Liam and Jasper get in a fist-fight when Liam sees Jasper rowing away from his burning boat (which he spent a yr making)
  • Ivy and Dixon are dating!
    • … or rather, were.. she breaks up with him when he confesses that he made out with Silver while they were on a “2-minute break” at Adrianna’s concert
  • Naomi and Liam break up!
    • She lies to him about being sick
    • She tries to get him back by confessing her love for him on camera (which is being broadcasted to the entire school)… but he rejects her and says he doesn’t love her anymore.

Source: Spoilersguide