90210 Season 2 Episode 18: Casting calls and casting sides!

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December 5, 2009

Check out the spoilers on who we can expect to appear in the 18th episode in addition to the main 90210 cast!

A casting call for a Caucasian male between his late 30′s-40′s has been released to play Liam’s dad. The character is meant to be both “glib and shady”. The casting call also revealed that the character will be recurring!

The casting side reveals a few things about Liam’s dad and his relationship with his son. It looks like Liam and his dad are going to have a teary but happy reunion.. this casting side also reveals where his dad’s been all this time but it seems as if there is no bad blood between the two.

A casting call was released for a male in his 30′s-early 40′s to play a salesman who, from the looks of the casting  call, will have a little bit of interaction with main characters, Annie and Silver. In the casting call, Annie mentions looking for a car that stands for “freedom” and tries to trick the car salesman into letting her and Silver take her chosen car for a test drive alone.

A casting call was released for a female actor who is able to pass as a high school student. She’s described as “studious, earnest, a bit nerdy but not charactery.” The casting side released for this guest star reveals that Naomi makes a formal complaint against a teacher, Mr. Cannon. The female actor will play a “random girl” who supports Naomi’s decision to “go after” Mr. Cannon. It also seems as if Naomi didn’t want her complaint coming out to the public. Guess we’ll have to tune in for the 18th episode to figure out why!

90210 showrunners are looking for a male or female actor in his or her 20′s to play a hipster who will be seen in a fantasy sequence. The casting side reveals a little bit about the fantasy sequence: Adrianna’s at the center of it and she’s surrounded by hipsters who are praising her on her life and her accomplishments. The casting side makes it seem as if the fantasy sequence ends as soon as someone offers her a drink and she has to admit that she’s sober.

A Caucasian female actor in her early 30′s is being seeked by 90210 showrunners to play Mrs. Cannon, the wife of the man that Naomi’s accusing of something. The casting side reveals that while Naomi’s complaints aren’t unfounded, she feels compassion for Mrs. Cannon and realizes that she can’t go annihilate this woman’s husband right in front of her. Naomi then decides to back out and is at peace with her decision, despite the fact that she’s in for a world of trouble for claiming that she was making false accusations.

Source: SpoilersGuide