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Season 1 Episode 8

Karma's A Bitch

Air Date: 03/07/2018

What goes around comes around for an unremorseful widower, an arrogant fitness club owner and an unsuspecting thief....

Season 1 Episode 7

Full Moon (Creepy AF)

Air Date: 02/28/2018

A full moon keeps the crew busy with some of the craziest calls yet, as Athena investigates a potential home invasion and "faces off" against a rabid criminal....

Season 1 Episode 6


Air Date: 02/07/2018

On Valentine's Day, a surprise marriage proposal goes awry with dangerous consequences....

Season 1 Episode 5

Point of Origin

Air Date: 01/31/2018

The crew races to an emergency when disaster strikes at an Indian wedding....

Season 1 Episode 4

Worst Day Ever

Air Date: 01/24/2018

In the aftermath of a deadly plane crash, Bobby and team race to help the survivors...

Season 1 Episode 3

Next Of Kin

Air Date: 01/17/2018

Bobby and his team respond to an emergency at a children's birthday party that leaves lives hanging in the balance....

Season 1 Episode 2

Let Go

Air Date: 01/10/2018

A night at an amusement park takes a deadly turn when a rollercoaster malfunction leaves lives hanging in the balance....

Season 1 Episode 1


Air Date: 01/03/2018

It takes a team of people to help answer the famous question, "911, what's your emergency?" Detective Athena Grant works as a member of the police force, handling cases that require her sharp mind and expertise, while also trying to juggle her own family drama....