666 Park Avenue : Vanessa Williams Gives More Insight On Her Character, Olivia!

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October 6, 2012

Vanessa Williams character ‘Olivia’ will undergo much more greater character development in the upcoming weeks of 666 Park Avenue.

Vanessa Williams revealed that  the 4th episode of the season will be a “big” one for her character as “It’s about the anniversary of her daughter’s death, and seeing what happens to her emotionally,” she teases. “So you’ll see much of Olivia coming up soon.”

She also mentioned that Olivia will appear in the second episode of the season as they Jane (Rachael Taylor) and Henry (Dave Annable) invite the Dorans over for dinner. It will give some insight into how long Henry and Jane have been together. But as for Olivia and Gavin, The couple’s back story remains a mystery — even to the actors. “We still don’t know how they met,” O’Quinn told EW. ”We don’t know much except that they had a daughter who they lost. When she was 18-years-old, she died. We find out a lot more about that in episode 3.”

Rumors have also started to go around that her daughter is actually the young psychic resident introduced in the series premiere, Nona. Williams made no comment on this whatsoever, as the show’s secrets are heavily under lock-and-key.

Source: EW

Are you looking forward to seeing more Vanessa Williams? Do you think her daughter is still alive, if so who could it be?

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