666 Park Avenue Spoilers : Mercedes Masohn Dishes On Louise, Relationships & A Big Surprise!

666 Park Avenue Spoilers : Mercedes Masohn Dishes On Louise, Relationships & A Big Surprise!

Actress Mercedes Masohn who plays Louise Leonard has dished out some new spoiler tidbits on what to expect on 666 Park Avenue. Check out what she had to say on her character, the relationships of the show and a big surprise!

What to expect from Louise in the future... The elevator accident in the pilot will end up triggering something in Louise and it really becomes quite an issue for her.

Will Louise catch onto Brian's staring habit.. While in the middle of shooting episode nine Louise is still completely unaware. As of episode eight, Masohn felt there was a few times where she sensed she's across the way, but still doesn't suspect at this point that her own assistant, that she brought into her own home, at all.

Relationships tested... There will be a whole lot about all the character's pasts. You'll start seeing a lot of relationships challenged and I'm not just talking Louise and Brian. There's Jane and Henry in a little bit of turmoil, as well as Olivia and Gavin. Everybody is going to be sort of pushed to their brink to see how strong their relationships are.

A big surprise to come for the Dorans!... On top of that, there's going to be a surprise that happens, so we've been teased that… Masohn stated that "let's just say that somethings going to happen to the Doran's that's going to throw them both completely off and we don't learn this until about episode nine I believe, which is what we're shooting now". I remember reading it and gasping and then of course I had to call Buckley and Helena and Rachel and everyone and go "oh my god. What do you guys think?"
It really threw me off so I can imagine audiences being like, "You're kidding! I did not see that happening."

Source : TVFanatic

Will Louise catch onto the chemistry between Brian and Alexis? Will the relationships of the show last? and just what could be the big surprise?