Scandal Spoilers: How Long Has Jake Been Spying on Liv?

Scandal Spoilers: How Long Has Jake Been Spying on Liv?

SCOTT FOLEYScandal's new villainous character, Jake (Scott Foley) just pulled a Homeland-esque stunt on Olivia Pope. Apparently, it is TV's hottest thing today.

"Get this character to play Big Brother on the show, get him to sleep with our lead and bam! The explosion happens." one writer from Scandal exclaims from my imagination.

Okay. That was all just me. I just cant help it. I just hope that we're not seeing another Homeland plot here. I know Scandal is rife with conspiracies but please Shonda, I hope you put an end to this espionage thing, frankly it's just trite. (My advise? Cue for Huck to go Anti-big-brother on Jake!)

Alright, enough of my personal, most probably unwarranted opinion. Let's move to SPOILERS! TV Linewas able to address Scanda's hottest buzz for the time being -- "How long has Jake been peeping on Olivia Pope's personal space?" to actor Scott Foley and here's what he tells us:

“It could have been going on for years. Or it could be a new thing. Personally, I think it’s probably been going on for a month or two and he realized there was something interesting [about her and decided] to meet her in real-life and see what happens.”

If he has been doing it for years then congratulations, he just won the "Stalker of the Year" award.

What's your take Scandal fandom? Are you enjoying the new Big Brother plot of Scandal? Weigh-in below.