666 Park Avenue Season 1 : Creators Give Some Insight On What’s To Come!

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October 1, 2012

Now that 666 Park Avenue has kicked off, check out some tidbits the creators revealed on what to look forward to.

  • The show’s main theme… David Wilcox says that =the theme is “seduction.” “Everybody has a price. Everybody has something that they want. As Gavin says, the essential truth of who we are… we all want something. He has a particular talent of rooting that out,” he says.
  • A major plot to explore the spooky Drake… Wilcox revealed that “We’re going to spend a great deal of time, actually exploring the building, which is in and of itself a character in this show. It may be the most important character of this show. So, Jane will be exploring, really our eyes and ears, to peeling back layers of the building, and find that it’s just an enormous puzzle box, where every room or every door could lead to something different and mysterious. I don’t think, at least initially, we want to explain the origin of the Drake. There’s something that demystifies the allure of it, if you know too much about it.

Source: KSiteTV

666 Park Avenue airs right after Revenge Sunday Nights on ABC.