666 Park Avenue : Jane To Further Discover The Drake's Supernatural Secrets!

666 Park Avenue : Jane To Further Discover The Drake's Supernatural Secrets!

Rachael Taylor sat down with TVLine and gave a few tidbits on what's going to happen to her character Jane in the new ABC drama/horror series "666 Park Avenue".

Rachael revealed that Jane will continue to feel suspicious about The Drake and will eventually find out about the hidden supernatural elements hidden within the walls as she states that in episode 5 of the season "Jane’s sanity is actually questioned.” Essentially, the series will “amp up really slowly” in the first few installments, unveiling the new building manager’s supernatural encounters. And then, in the series’ Halloween episode, “All bets are off. Jane is no longer this suspicious, curious person,”.

She then further said that “She firmly believes that there is something wrong here and somebody needs to listen to her. She becomes more declarative about her suspicions.”

In terms of her relationship with Henry, she revealed that it's headed for a rocky path as she stated that “The good thing about Jane and Henry is that they do really love each other, but Henry just doesn’t believe in ghosts… and I haven’t seen any evidence in the eight or nine episodes [that we've shot] of him being persuaded by that argument at all… I’m not sure he will be.

She further added that "the relationship could potentially fall apart. Because once Jane is on the path of this supernatural discovery, I find it unlikely that she’s going to be deterred from it.”

Source: TVLine

666 Park Avenue airs Sundays at 9pm on ABC.