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666 Park Avenue Episode 9 Spoilers : Danger For Jane!

666 Park Avenue Episode 9 Spoilers : Danger For Jane!

We have a few exclusive spoiler tidbits for 666 Park Avenue, episode 9. Check them out below.

  • Jane will have a story-arc with ghost Libby as she will use Jane as a human body vehicle.
  • Henry will meet with a politician, Phillip Perez in hopes of joining his party.. he is turned down after someone leaks a psych report on his girlfriend Jane, Henry is shocked by the treatment of her and turns down the offer
  • Phillip Perez then reveals to Gavin that he admires Henry's moral compass in protecting Jane, and decides to hire him.
  • Gavin is determines to find out who leaked Jane's psych report and why.
  • Jane, now possessed by Libby is kidnapped by the members of the Order of the Dragon  in a ritual to give life to The Drake.

Source: Spoilers Guide

The episode is untitled, but sounds very interesting.. What do you think? Looking forward to this episode? Why is Gavin so interested in making Henry a business partner? Who leaked Jane's psych documents and why? And is Jane's life on the line as her body is being used as The Drake's life source?