666 Park Avenue Episode 13 Spoilers : Finale Episode Title!

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November 28, 2012

The final episode title has been revealed for ABC’s now-cancelled series 666 Park Avenue.

The 13th, and last episode ever will be titled “Lazarus”.

Make sure to check back for more spoilers on the series finale as they emerge!

Source : SpoilerTV

Are you sad the show’s ending so soon? Judging by the title, what do you think it will be about? And how do you want the show to end?

  • Kelly

    I’m disappointed that 666 Park Avenue is ending; it’s one of my favorite shows this year. I can’t watch it live because I work evenings at DISH, but I catch it on my DVR. It’s set to auto-record on my DISH Hopper along with the other big four prime time network shows using Primetime Anytime, so I never have to worry about missing an episode because of work. I hope it ends with an explanation of how Gavin (maybe Lazarus is referring to him?) became so evil, and with Jane finding out about her past at the Drake.