24 Season 8 Episodes 15 & 16 "6:00 AM-8:00 AM": Promo Trailer & Sneak Peek!

Hearing "the Final 10 Hours of the Final Season" makes me sad. I'm going to miss seeing Kiefer on my tv screen every week. I guess they're trying to soften the blow with a 2-hour episode next Monday. But really it's just getting us to the end faster, isn't it? Oh, well. The cancellation will just make me appreciate these last episodes even more.

From the look of the spoilers in the trailer, we have a lot to look forward to next week: the return of President Logan, Hassan getting badass, and the joy of watching Jack torture Dana (is it for all the torture she's put us viewers through?)!

In the sneak peek, the Chief of Staff weasel and the military weasel are still debating whether to save Ethan. I hope Ethan recovers and obliterates both of them.

Sneak peek courtesy of Dailymotion.com