What's Coming Up on 10 Things? Five Spoilers from Watch with Kristin

Want to know what's ahead for Kat, Bianca, and the gang? Watch with Kristin has some spoilers for you including the whole cast in this "scoop-a-thon" just released:

1) Bianca and BFF Chastity are about to go head-to-head in the school's talent show. Any guesses as to who'll take home the top prize—which just so happens to be a walk-on role on that other ABC Family gem Make It or Break It? How cute is that for interoffice mingling?!

2) In scoop we can't say we're too surprised to hear, Joey's up-and-coming modeling career gets in the way of his relationship with Bianca. And after last week's mini-sex scandal, this is sorta OK by us.

3) If you're dying for a sisterly bonding sesh, you're in luck because soon enough Kat will tell Bianca all about that one time. You know, the one where she lost her virginity. All together now, awww! Wait, you didn't know she wasn't a virgin? Hmmm.

4) Guess who's going have an AMAZING first kiss? It's Cameron, yo. Now here's the shocker: The lady in question is not Bianca! Sad face. Oh, and also, it's not with that other girl you'd think it would be. Guesses?

5) Here's the biggie, 10 Thingers. After a first date, a meeting with the pops and much hesitation to put a label on their situation, Patrick will finally call Kat his girlfriend and this swoonworthy twosome will be all official and stuff. Squee!

Source: E! Online