Spring Spoiler For 10 Things, 10 Things!

As March gets a little closer, the reality of the return of 10 Things I Hate About You starts to hit, and I don't know about you guys, but I'm starting to get excited. Can't wait to see Cameron's next move, not to mention what else might happen between Kat and Patrick. But this spoiler actually has nothing to do with Patrick...though it still has something to do with Kat. Check this spoiler tidbit out, as Watch with Kristin gets a question from an equally excited 10 Things fanatic:

Allison in Cupertino, Calif.: 10 Things! 10 Things! Tell me more about 10 Things!
The new man in Kat's life is a good-looking kid known as Charles "Blank" Blankenship, and he's kind of like Kat's political, hypercapable doppelgänger. Think Bradley Whitford's Josh Lyman to Mary-Louise Parker's Amy Gardner from The West Wing.

Even though Patrick was starting to grow on me, I'm oddly even more excited to see what this kid will be like. Another Kat at Padua High? I'm kind of scared. But still excited. What about you?

Source: E! Online