Spoiler Scoop: "Katrick" Got Your Tongue?

Because you know it's what you're always talking about.

Remember back when I said, 10 Things "the series" didn't ruin 10 Things "the movie" for me? Well, it just keeps getting better and better in that department. Because, guess what? According to the cast, things are about to heat up between Kat (Lindsey Shaw) and Patrick (Ethan Peck):

Volume two of 10 Things is going to be fabulous fun for us fans, according to Dana Davis, who plays mean girl Chastity: "A lot of focus in these first 10 episodes—which I think the fans are going to love—is Kat and Patrick, which is Katrick." Nick Braun, who plays lovelorn Cameron, agrees, "Who doesn't love Katrick?"

One thing I really love about the series is the pacing. Nothing is really rushed - and while certainly different, the episodes have been keeping pretty true to the storyline. Kat meets Patrick --> Kat's not interested --> Kat becomes interested --> both Kat and Patrick start to fall for each other. Sound familiar? Their relationship, at its core, is still very much the same. With some new twists thrown in of course, as Ethan and Lindsey tell us:

"[Dr. Stratford] is getting to know the charming Patrick," and Lindsey testifies, "It's really funny. They spar back and forth, and obviously you can understand how mortified Larry is at this presence. Patrick just pushes and pushes and pushes." Ethan: "Off your example!" Lindsey: "Off my example, yes, but I think the one-on-one stuff between them is hilarious." Yay!

"Yay" is right. Can't wait to see that. Can't wait to see this, either. Ethan and Lindsey give us a little more to go on, as far as the "Katrick" relationship is concerned:

Ethan Peck (our nominee and winner for Hottest TV Newcomer of the Year) teases, "Can I give hints about what happens in the next episodes? Well...you'll discover some things about Patrick's' family and a little bit about his living situation. And he might have his motorcycle confiscated!" That twist leads to more together time for our favorite twosome. As Lindsey says, "Kat's car plays a pivotal role in Patrick's transportation, so that's very interesting for them. [Ethan] even got to work with the Volvo. I'm glad someone else has to deal with that for once."

Jumping up and down at the idea of some "Katrick" heading our way? Or are you dying to see more of Cameron and his beloved Bianca? Tell us your 10 Things cravings in the comments!

Source: E! Online