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10 Things I Hate About You Episode 19: Casting Side Spoilers

You might have seen this casting call spoiler for episode 19 of 10 Things, from SpoilerTV - and you might have thought...meditation group?

[SIENNA] 17-18, Student. Hippy, granola girl who is a member of teen meditation group. One Day Guest Star.

Oh, boy. Happy hippy-girl time. Seriously though, it led me to wonder, what's with the meditation group? Or at the very least, just who is going to be participating in the meditating? Then I saw this ( SPOILERS AHEAD ):

Kat, in yoga gear, sits in lotus position meditating among the VARIOUS MEMBERS of the Padua Pathways Meditation Collective. SIENNA, an earth-mother type, leads the group as New Agey meditation music plays from her iPod speakers.

Kat...meditating? Seems a little too surreal, doesn't it?



And breathe. In through the right nostril, out through the left...

Kat isn't sure how to do that. She looks around to see that people are using their hands. She puts her fingers to her nose and sees...

But Sienna's not all they're looking to cast. There's also this new girl, Justine, and she's not exactly making the meditation thing any easier.


Seriously, you wanna go? You ain't lived until you've heard the roar of a monster truck in person. Your whole body...vibrates.

In fact, Kat's starting to freak that maybe all she is to Patrick is his "angry girl". Notice he doesn't exactly...combat that strange (yet very accurate) name-call. But he has learned how to "just say no" to Justine. To the monster trucks, anyway.


Sounds fun, but I can't.


I see. You're still dating that angry girl?


It's complicated.

The usual teenage answer to anything romantic-related: It's complicated. But with Kat and Patrick, you actually believe it. When it comes to Bianca's love-life on the other hand...cell phones in class is about as complicated as it gets.

A couple of KIDS drool on their desks as their teacher, MR. MEANLY, works on a quadratic equation at the chalk board. Bianca looks incredibly bored when suddenly, her cell phone vibrates. The caller ID says Joey! She excitedly answers it.



Joey! Hi! I've been dying to talk to you too, but my dad took my phone. I miss you so much. Tell me everything --

Just then, Mr. Meanly snatches the phone out of Bianca's hand and puts it to his ear. A horrified Bianca looks on as Mr. Meanly listens to whatever Joey is saying. He mimics a school girl and covers his mouth with faux excitement. Then he slams the phone SHUT.

BIANCA (cont'd)

Mr. Meanly!


(into phone)

Excuse me, but you are interrupting my Algebra II lecture.


No, I will not give Fivehead a message.

Talk about things vibrating. But an abducted cell phone isn't the worst of Bianca's troubles. Daddy's dating Ms. Tharpe, and afraid of getting an evil stepmother, she calls on, who else, but Joey for advice. While he's on his "modeling adventure".


I am dying to hear about your modeling adventures, but first I have to tell you the insanity I'm dealing with. My dad is dating Ms. Tharpe!


No way! Nice job Dr. Stratford!


Joey, this is not good news. Old people settle down fast, they don't want to die alone. What if she becomes my stepmother?!


Bianca, just calm down. Here's what you should do.

...but I'll leave you the actual episode to find out Joey's wise words of wisdom. Wouldn't want to spoil everything, now would we? But I will add that there will be a sort of field trip to Nepal. With the "Outward Bounds-y trip leader" named Xander:


Where will we be staying? Will we be living with families?


The families live in one room huts. It's a little crowded. So we'll be sleeping in tents. But it'll be spring, so you know what that means.



It won't be too cold?


Avalanche season. But don't worry, you'll each have a GPS tracker. I haven't lost a student yet. Just a toe, but that was my own fault for bringing the wrong socks.


It'll be fun. We'll break out the s'mores.

Oh, yeah. Sounds like a picnic. But unlike the prospect of that Nepal-trip, I will be looking forward to this adventure of an episode. How about you guys?

Source: Spoilers Guide