Enjoy The Final Five Fantastic Episodes of 10 Things: Series Canceled

Just when I was starting to get attached to ABC Family comedies that seemingly never stick around long enough (Roommates, Ruby and the Rockets...), an ABC Family comedy that actually showed promise turned up. We all thought 10 Things I Hate About You was one of those movie-to-TV adaptations that's just about perfect - a solid blend of doing the original characters justice while also re-creating the reasons why we loved them in the first place. But now in light of its poorer ratings this season, ABC Family's once uber popular new comedy series is now canceled.

First made public by creator Carter Covington via Twitter, cast members Meaghan Jette Martin (Bianca) and Nicholas Braun (Cameron) also recently revealed the sad news on their own personal Twitter accounts. Now the cancellation is also confirmed by TV Guide, TV.com, and Crushable.

I'll still be sticking around on Spoilers Guide to deliver 10 Things spoilers up until those final five "fantastic" episodes coming up. So no worries there.

Now I want to know what all my fellow 10 Things fans are thinking. Anyone else going to miss this adorable series as much as I am?