10 Interviews from the 10 Things Cast...Just Kidding

But what I'm not kidding about are all the juicy tidbits you can hear straight from the mouths of the 10 Things cast...including the lowdown on relationships, boyfriends, and what's up with Kat and Patrick. Which really all comes right back around to...relationships.

So 10 interviews? Not so much. But you do get three with six members of the cast. Woah, that's a lot of numbers. SPOILERS AHEAD:

1. KorbiTV (Zap2It) interview #1, with Larry Miller (Mr. Stratford) and Meaghan Jette Martin (Bianca)

2. Korbi TV (Zap2It) interview #2, with Nicholas Braun (Cameron) and Dana Davis (Chastity)

3. TV.com interview with Lindsey Shaw (Kat) and Ethan Peck (Patrick)